Looking for ways to “beef up” your household or loan acquisition efforts? In addition to reading the blogs on our Insight Center for advice, we’ve created something new. Vericast is proud to unveil a new set of additional, free tools and checklists to help banks and credit unions plan more strategically for their acquisition and loan marketing goals.

Below are four downloads for banks and credit unions that want to accelerate new accounts and generate more loans, faster. Don’t miss out!

The Free Guide: 7 Types of Household Acquisition Campaigns to Consider

Bottom line: although marketing is a never-ending task and account holder acquisition may seem like a challenge, it’s important to stay focused on your core capabilities, and ultimately, what matters most to your loyal account holders. Do this, and the ROI will follow. While some of the campaign ideas may be familiar, you never know what will stand out as a new, fresh approach to your acquisition marketing. Find out what “fresh” opportunities your bank or credit union might be missing in this free (and actionable) guide from Vericast.

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The Tip Sheet: 5 Ways to Acquire New Accounts to Meet Your Annual Goals

This guide is amazing — it outlines the five most important levers to pull to ramp up deposit acquisition efforts. Do you know the best way to get your financial institution on the path to consistent acquisition of relevant (and profitable) household accounts? The guide covers at a high level:

  • Defining the right footprint
  • Maximizing your existing customer base
  • How to leverage a list provider
  • Establishing stable creative and designing incentive programs

It’s definitely worth a read.

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The To-Do List for Your Next Loan Marketing Campaign

Remember: effective loan marketing requires total organizational commitment over a period of not less than a year. Once you’ve tackled the first questions, follow the easy-to-understand to-do list for the other action items and set your loan marketing campaign on the path to success.

Planning your next loan marketing campaign? Get our to-do list for financial services marketers.

The Guide: 9 Creative Best Practices to Follow for Your Next (And Best-Ever) Loan Marketing Campaign

Hard-working creative ensures that your communications get noticed and read. It goes beyond pretty pictures and snappy headlines to engage prospects — and drive response.
The best practices in this guide from Vericast offer a powerful “toolbox” with which to build creative that won’t be ignored.

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