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Shared Mail eBook: Direct Mail + Co-op = Win-Win-Win
Direct mail is a powerful tool to reach your target audience. And by working with a cooperative mail provider to,…
Nearly Half of Consumers Are More Likely to Read and/or Use Direct mail Ads Addressed by Name
What’s In a Name? For Marketers and Consumers, Everything.

Postcards have often been misunderstood by marketers. With the use of data analytics, marketers have discovered that postcards can be a versatile, highly strategic, and cost-effective tool for engaging consumers with more personalized, targeted, and dynamic campaigns.

Only 7% of Surveyed Banks Had Maximized Data Analytics
5 Steps to Overcoming Data Roadblocks

Financial institutions are overwhelmed by data. Discover five steps proven to optimize marketing strategies and increase bottom-line results by harnessing the power of data.

Financial Brand Webinar
On-Demand Webcast: Insights for Adapting Your Acquisition Marketing During Economic Volatility
New data reveals that 69% of surveyed banks and credit unions point to rising interest rates as the primary reason…
Transforming your marketing strategy for the future

The best marketers have a deep understanding of their customers, learn from them about their needs, and become their voice.

Unique Omnichannel Media Mix Drives Online Sales and App Downloads for Grocer
Unique Omnichannel Media Mix Drives Online Sales and App Downloads for Grocer
After launching its ecommerce service in stores, a grocery chain aimed to boost awareness, drive engagement, and promote downloads of…
Power to the People: How Customers Think Their Financial Institution Could Better Serve Them
People feel their financial institutions could serve them better for a variety of reasons. Identifying their concerns is an important…
Episode 10: Marketers: Here’s how to handle your data problem

Listen as Leigh Anne Bentley, CMO of Leaders Credit Union, talks about solving “the data problem” at a financial institution.

Power to the People: Offers Consumers Want To Receive from Financial Institutions
Typically, people want only a few things from their financial institution: convenience, security, innovation, and personalized service. But times are…