Despite obvious benefits that lead to a competitive advantage, instant card issuance is not universally implemented. Some say it will reach saturation by 2020—but that’s still only 50 percent of all financial institutions.

What’s holding back the other 50 percent?

Two big concerns: complexity and cost of deployment.

A software-for-purchase solution is expensive and complex to deploy and maintain. Software packages can easily reach six figures just in up-front costs, and that’s not including recurring costs like annual licensing fees.

Institutions must also buy requisite hardware and make expensive and time-consuming infrastructure changes. A dedicated IT team is needed to install and maintain the system. And, as technology becomes obsolete, it must be upgraded or replaced, adding further complexity and cost.

No wonder some financial institutions are hesitant to deploy an instant issuance solution!

Cloud computing makes instant issue affordable

Cloud-based computing removes expensive barriers and puts instant card issuance within reach of both large and small financial institutions. Using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, financial institutions need only to invest in a card printer, and can be up and running with just an internet connection and a web browser.  The rest of the technology is provided by the cloud-based service provider, which also handles all update, security and maintenance.

In addition to the obvious upfront cost savings, here are eight ways a financial institution can benefit from using a cloud-based delivery model for instant issuance solution:

  1. Rapid acquisition and deployment, minimal staff training and lower total cost of ownership
  2. Elimination of intensive, disruptive and expensive software updates.
  3. Cost-effective variable pricing based on use
  4. Increased productivity and efficiency
  5. Reduced or no downtime
  6. Minimal IT overhead
  7. Lower ongoing operating costs
  8. Improved security and scalability

Using a cloud-base solution for instant issuance of credit and debit cards is a good business decision. It offers immediate and long-term cost savings, and can help attract new customers and increase satisfaction of existing customers. By eliminating the cost and effort needed to deploy and maintain an on-site system, financial institutions can focus on what’s important —running the business.

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