With nearly every consumer interaction starting online, the success of your financial institution depends on consumers finding their way to your physical or digital “front door” with compelling, accurate, consistent, and real-time information about your brand.

Can your financial institution afford not to put its best foot forward online?

Consumers are using digital and mobile technologies to find information, go somewhere, do something, or make a purchase. It’s the relationship between two environments, online and in person, that is causing financial institutions the most friction, while also presenting their biggest opportunity — especially locally.

This is particularly true of “high intent” traffic, when someone is going to act within a short time, if not immediately, after making a search. Google® refers to these searches as “4 New Moments”:

  1. I-want-to-know
  2. I-want-to-go
  3. I-want-to-do
  4. I-want-to-buy

These are when “decisions are made and preferences are shaped.”

In order to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive search market, all brands, especially smaller ones, need to ensure their critical details are synchronized and locked down to prevent consumer confusion and missed engagement opportunities.

Here’s a quick Online Search Brand Checklist:

✓ Clean and Repair

  • Correct mistakes about your physical locations: name, address, phone, hours, etc.
  • Add locations that are currently missing
  • Remove duplicate or off-brand references
    • Location pages created by consumers checking in on Facebook®
    • Locations referencing prior branding of your business or one you’ve acquired that resided at that location

✓ Organize

  • Set up business profiles for locations on Google® My Business, Facebook®, Apple® Maps, Bing®, Foursquare® and Yelp®
  • Ensure facts about locations and professionals are thorough and fully represent solutions, specialties and contact info

✓ Maintain

  • Obtain a solution that
    • Manages everything in real-time and across the largest spread of digital publishers including location closing updates related to inclement weather/holidays or permanent
    • Prevents consumer suggestions from altering your brand’s details

It’s time to escape your high-priced digital agency. Regardless of the number of physical locations, you can claim, control and manage all of those details – securely and in real time – through one digital knowledge management (DKM) platform. DKM lets your institution have control over its brand experiences across the digital universe of maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, and other intelligent services that drive consumer discovery, decision, and action.

Control the facts about your business across 100+ digital services globally. Unique direct integrations let you manage the information consumers find about your brand — everywhere they search, so you always make a positive first impression.