Outsourcing is a business initiative often reserved for noncritical services, but when it comes to a strategic business task, such as providing exceptional customer service, the contact center is anything but noncritical. Because of the importance of delivering outstanding customer experiences, many financial institutions are often hesitant to outsource the contact center, even though the positives can far outweigh the negatives.

Outsourcing can prove especially valuable when institutions need extra staffing and expertise, for example, during or after online and mobile banking conversions or other high volume, inbound events. During these times, call volumes and handle times can double, putting an extra burden on your contact center team. What’s really needed is the flexibility to quickly scale up or ramp down and manage spikes in activity, without having to hire a large number of people for a small window of time — and without sacrificing the quality service that your account holders expect. Outsourcing (when done right!) can accomplish this … and more.