In 2018, many marketers realize the power data can have when it comes to optimizing marketing efforts. Still, many financial institutions struggle with how to harness data and use it to their best advantage.

We’ve concluded it’s mainly four “big myths” that keep financial institutions from using in-house data to it’s full potential. It’s not a data deficit. Marketers have access to tons of data, but they aren’t asking the right questions.

In debunking these myths, marketers can access the real numbers needed to support their efforts and reap the benefits: attracting the right prospects, retaining the right account holders and growing the institution’s bottom line.

Topics include:

  1. Four “big data myths” financial services marketers need to ignore
  2. The right questions to ask of data and four use-cases for each
  3. How to enhance marketing programs and prove marketing contribution to the bottom line with data