Terri Panhans, Vice President of Contact Center Solutions, recently celebrated her 25th work anniversary with Vericast. With such a huge milestone under her belt, we thought it would be insightful to get Terri into the video studio to talk about what’s changing in the contact center industry and why she loves working at Vericast..

I am Terri Panhans. I have been at Vericast for 25 years. I currently serve as the Vice President of Contact Center Solutions.

The Contact Center has changed dramatically; not just in our industry, but in all. It used to be more transactional in nature, back office types of transactions that were handled in the Contact Center. A lot of times were viewed by organizations they served as just being a cost center and not really driving value if you will. Today, more importantly than ever, I think the Contact Center should be the pulse of the organization.

A lot of clients today are asking about some of the new technology that we’re seeing, certainly artificial intelligence, Chatbot. It’s all exciting and I think is changing the face of what we do and how we do it. I do go back to the point that I think the need for a human touch will always be there. I think as the artificial intelligence that we see that will drive greater efficiencies and all grows, and I’m certain that it will, what will evolve and continue to evolve is when that human touch is needed.

I think that every day our team wakes up and they understand what our vision is and what our purpose is. That is to help our clients engage with their account holders and help them be a better organization for their account holders. It’s so important. You can get tied down in the tedium if you will of the day and just the tactical, but to make sure we stay focused on that goal and make sure that all of our actions are driven by that. That we’re here to support our clients. We are here to help them engage and grow, attract, retain customers the best way we can, the best way we know how.