During a merger and acquisition (M&A), there are many complex decisions to be made and questions to be asked.

But none may be more critical, and undervalued, than considering the effect on customers and employees.

People build connections to brands and ways of doing things, and feel disrupted when unexpectedly thrust into new processes. Poorly managed change often results in customer and employee attrition.

But these high-impact events are high-value opportunities in disguise. Every interaction that occurs before, during and after an M&A is a moment of opportunity to position your brand for long-term success.

Be There at Every Moment of Opportunity

Maximizing Opportunities Offered by M&As

We understand the importance of maximizing opportunities offered by M&As. From benchmarking and measuring brand experience, to sending notifications and managing spikes in call volume, Vericast has the proven experience, knowledge and expertise to help you plan, manage and execute a smooth transition and create an exceptional customer experience — start to finish — for your customers and employees.

Pre-Merger Acquisition
  • Benchmark the customer experience across all touchpoints and experiences to create a performance baseline.
  • Proactively engage customers and employees pre- conversion to ensure they are ready for and feel good about the change. Monitor the customer experience at critical milestones to ensure you are meeting their expectations as planned.
  • Notify existing and acquired customers of branch closures, product and pricing changes and more.
  • Welcome acquired customers with personalized, print and digital communications.
  • Instantly issue new, personalized cards in branches.
  • Keep a pulse on how consumers are experiencing your brand at critical milestones.
  • Create brand awareness with quality custom merchandise customers will enjoy.
  • Welcome acquired customers. Balance robust, multichannel outbound communications with high-touch inbound support, so customers or members get the answers they need, when they need them.
  • Provide the contact center support consumers need, when they need it, for online and mobile banking conversions.
  • Reissue credit and debit cards to customers with management and PIN support.
  • Transition your check program, seamlessly and efficiently, with expert end-to-end support.
  • Continue to engage newly acquired customers with print and digital communications.
  • Measure the customer experience to ensure expectations were met as planned.
  • Engage customers post-conversion to ensure they are satisfied and taking full advantage of all your institution has to offer.
Inbound & Outbound Contact Center Support
  • Provide proactive, outbound white-glove support to high-value accounts (small business, high-net-worth, and commercial clients)
  • Augment your contact center with highly skilled inbound support specialists to handle general FAQs and overflow support for card activation, check program conversions and other events.

An Extension of Your Brand

Vericast understands your business, your customers and the unique issues and requirements you face. You can trust us to provide dedicated, professional representatives who know how to talk to your customers about financial matters and are trained to handle calls in your brand language.


With more than a century of experience serving the financial services industry, Vericast is uniquely qualified to understand your business, your customers and the challenges you face. We put our experience to work for you by delivering best-in-class customer engagement that supports your strategic business growth and sustained long-term success.

High-Impact Becomes High-Value

A proactive, customer-centric approach is a best practice for an optimal transition experience.

of switchers are most likely to leave within one month after an acquisition is announced… and it’s the high-value customers who are more likely to leave.1
of customers kept their account at the acquiring institution… but opened another account at a different institution.2
of customers with positive experiences are likely to stay with their primary financial institution compared to only 39% with negative ones.3

1 Deloitte Center for Banking Solutions
2 CCG Catalyst Project
3 2016 Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey, Capgemini Global Financial Services