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Protecting your company’s promotional budget within the coupon ecosystem is a big responsibility, considering millions of dollars in transactions take place between many stakeholders. And because money is involved, there will be attempts to beat the system, exposing you to vulnerabilities and potential loss.

Minimizing manufacturers’ exposure to paper and paperless coupon vulnerabilities, including mitigating risk and reducing loss throughout a coupon’s lifecycle, requires third-party oversight, strong controls, and analysis skills. Vericast provides the detailed redemption data, flexible risk toleration capabilities, and counterfeit management tools you need.


  • Uses sophisticated information sources and analysis to ensure only verified and legitimate retailers are paid for coupon submissions
  • Provides robust controls for manufacturers to centrally manage and analyze all coupon redemption activity, regardless of media or retailer submitting source
  • Accelerates discovery of redemption abnormalities through expertise and technology, including misredemption or counterfeiting
  • Empowers clients through LAUNCH™ to more efficiently identify and investigate anomalies at the geographic, retail, and offer levels
  • Collaborates with clients, third parties, and enforcement agencies, using enriched data granularity, to support misredemption identification, investigations, and enhanced financial controls
  • Deters risks that otherwise would compound over time

Vericast’s innovative loss prevention solutions give you the assurance of an impartial, third-party audit that empowers you to manage and control risk and waste, allowing more productive utilization of your promotional funds.


A New Layer of Protection Against Counterfeit Coupon Redemption:
Streamlined. Dynamic. Proactive.

Vericast’s offer management service, OfferClear, streamlines the consolidation and electronic communication of valid manufacturer-supplied offer data for participating retailers to use at Point of Sale.

A supplement to counterfeit-only notifications, OfferClear provides an additional preventive layer of control to both manufacturers and retailers to limit risks associated with the acceptance or redemption of counterfeit coupons, before they occur.