Expert Receivables Management for Accurate, Fast Reimbursement

Incentives like print and digital coupons inspire your consumers and support your objectives to increase basket size, create value for consumers, and increase sales.

Overseeing the receivable and store data associated with redemption impacts your bottom line and it requires specific expertise.

Retailers have trusted us for over 60 years to handle the entire coupon lifecycle from redemption to reimbursement for both print and digital coupons, ensuring that payments are not only faster, but secure and accurate. We’re a collaborative audit and settlement partner who emphasizes understanding and aligning to your financial systems and unique requirements.

Be better informed and better protected with our:

Financial Expertise
  • Get fast simplified payments for all promotion types, print and digital, including Universal Digital and 8112-coded programs
  • Minimize variances and support collections with actionable information
  • Quickly identify and address issues that might impact receivable
Robust Data & Analytics
  • Access redemption analytics 24/7 through our self-service portal Benchmark™
  • Uncover anomalies and easily investigate coupons causing collection issues
  • Quickly assess store coupon handing procedures and controls
Advanced Risk Management
  • Reduce counterfeit coupons by streamlining offer validation at point of sale
  • Use uniquely enriched offer data to understand complex issues across all of your stores