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NCH Helps You Enforce Your Coupon Handling Procedures in All Your Stores, AND Helps You Create Operational Improvements to Enhance Store-level Controls.

Because we know:

Vulnerabilities, like those illustrated above, exist and can strike at any time. So it’s important to have controls, tools, and expertise that will help you uncover coupon losses and shore up any procedural weaknesses in your coupon handling systems, especially those you may not even know you have. And Vericast can do that for you.

Vericast has the compliance, loss prevention, and data analysis tools – BENCHMARKTM, Advanced AuditTM, and Offer IntelligenceTM – to help you understand what’s happening at the store level, hold individual stores accountable for their paper and paperless coupon activity, and take further action when circumstances warrant.


This robust portal delivers store audit analysis, identifies missing coupon shipments, highlights unusual claim/audit variances, pinpoints potential sources of concern, and helps to distinguish systemic issues from isolated incidents.

BENCHMARK also enables store compliance management to better enforce store procedures for coupon handling in your stores, with data analytics to identify and investigate anomalies.

And, it includes Offer Intelligence, a game-changing capability for improved coupon management across your organization’s functions:

  • Access to data uniquely enriched with offer attributes
  • Ability to see coupon images
  • Integration of both paper and paperless coupon media for a complete picture

Advanced Audit

A breakthrough risk management analytics capability, Advanced Audit, provides 360° visibility into coupon-related anomalies by marrying Point of Sale (POS) coupon records to Vericast’s audit. Its granular detail at the manufacturer, offer, and store levels accelerates discovery and resolution of compliance and loss incidents, yielding improved financial results, while deterring future events. Store Compliance, Loss Prevention, and Financial Managers are better able to work together to improve your bottom line with Vericast’s Advanced Audit.

So while you never know when vulnerabilities may strike, you can be prepared with the best controls, data tools, and expertise from Vericast to protect your company’s assets.