Be Where Consumers Look Every Week

People rely on the Save Direct Mail package to plan where to shop, what to purchase, and how to find savings.

Features & Benefits

Influence Buying Decisions In-Home

Spark action with an ad on the Wrap — the 4-page outer jacket of the Save Direct Mail package — or through a valuable insert inside.

Make an Impact in the Mailbox:
41% clip a coupon
49% are encouraged to go online for more information
37% are prompted to go online to make a purchase

Vericast Awareness-to-Action Study (n=1,954), January 2023

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Get Results With the High-Profile Wrap

Ideal for enhancing awareness or driving traffic to stores, destinations, or websites, the Wrap serves as a prominent “billboard” offering key advantages.
Key Wrap Advantages

Awareness: 6 of 10 people always notice what’s on the cover
Flexibility: Tailor your reach to cover a full market or a specific portion
Conversion: Effectively drive in-store or online traffic

Vericast Awareness-to-Action Study (n=1,818), June 2023

Localize Your Ad Inserts

Inserts inside the Wrap can be targeted to the neighborhood around key store locations and customized to resonate with the local audience.

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Case Study

QSR drives visits and 14x ROI with broad reaching print

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