Gayle Gallagher

ABC, Senior Copywriter

With 25+ years in direct marketing, financial marketing, and corporate communication—including officer positions inside two Florida-based banks—Gayle is well acquainted with the challenges and needs of the financial client.

She’s written copy for dozens of award-winning campaigns, but Gayle says she is most gratified by seeing successful teamwork in action. “When strategy, copy, and design unite to exceed our client’s expectations, that’s professional magic.”

While her degree is in Literature, Gayle has always been an avid student of consumer psychology, and blends science with the art of writing. “I’m fascinated by the biological component,” she said. “As marketers, it’s helpful to know that the part of our brain that governs reason (the neo-cortex) does not drive behavior. We must appeal to the limbic brain, which manages our emotions and makes our decisions.”

Gayle holds the ABC designation (Accredited in Business Communication), governed by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).