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  • Is Connected TV (CTV) just another channel to reach the same audience as analog TV?
  • Or does it actually connect your brand with a unique group of people that may be missed by other media?
  • This is the second in a series of posts that feature videos with valuable CTV insights you can use.

Analysis of CTV campaigns certainly can offer you a clear picture of who you are reaching with each campaign and the tactic necessarily allows for some great personalization. But the question is whether the CTV audience is fundamentally different than you can reach otherwise.

In a recent virtual conversation with two consumer technology and trend experts — Nuttipol Thuwirat, Director of Strategy Development at Vericast and Rachel Dalton, Director of Ecommerce and Omnichannel at Kantar — Vericast’s Executive Director of Shopper Marketing, Mary Heman posed this very question:

First, how is the CTV audience different from other channels?

Second, is this CTV audience just a temporary thing?

This is a part of series of posts intended to help you understand CTV. Here is a link to the first post of the series (additional posts coming soon): Defining CTV.

To get more details about consumer sentiment toward advertising media like CTV, download our 2021 Consumer Optimism Outlook.