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  • Making the most of your Connected TV (CTV) investment will take some work, but it will be worth it.
  • The real value of CTV is in taking advantage of the full range of capability the medium has to offer.
  • This is the final installment of our five-part series of posts that feature videos with valuable CTV insights you can use.

Connected TV (CTV) is on a lot of marketer’s minds, being on-trend for consumer media consumption and interest. And it’s a powerful media when leveraged as part of thought-out omnichannel strategy.

But there is still quite a bit the industry is learning about CTV. Recently, Vericast’s Executive Director of Shopper Marketing, Mary Heman, hosted a virtual conversation to help marketers better understand and use CTV. And at the end of that conversation, the consumer technology and trend experts — Nuttipol Thuwirat, Director of Strategy Development at Vericast, and Rachel Dalton, Director of Ecommerce and Omnichannel at Kantar — offered some practical tips for advertisers seeking to leverage CTV for their marketing efforts.

A summary of the four key takeaways for leveraging CTV:

1. Stay on top of the trends. CTV is a relatively new media, so expect changes to come fast and new growth opportunities to appear in the coming months.

2. Evaluate your audience’s response. This media offers a good view into how your target market views and reacts to your ads as well as offering you options for shifting execution in response.

3. Use the assets of the medium. Take full advantage of the audience that CTV offers as well as the ability to optimize creative and personalization.

4. Measure the real impact. CTV enables more than awareness; you can start to evaluate who you are reaching and seeing the impact your ads have on foot traffic and sales.

This is part of a video series on better understanding CTV as part of an advertising strategy. Check out the rest of the videos:

If you want to get more information more about the trends in TV streaming and CTV advertising impact, download this infographic of recent research from Vericast.

Matthew Tilley is senior director of content marketing for Vericast and leads content marketing for the company. He has more than 20 years of experience in digital advertising and consumer promotions to develop, communicate, and distribute ideas to make modern marketers more effective.