When it comes to the financial services industry, it’s been a busy year: interest rate hikes, regulation changes, major industry data breaches and sweeping tax reform, just to name a few. At Vericast, we’ve been documenting them all as we continue to monitor industry trends on behalf of our marketing and payments solutions, and at the end of the year it’s always a good time to look back on the blogs that made the most impact.

Millennials Bank Differently, but Not in the Way You Think

It’s no secret the way Millennials bank and make purchasing decisions is drastically different than previous generations. (We even wrote a white paper about differences in generational lending.) But when it comes to helping Millennials choose a financial institution, do you know what they really want?

By far our most popular blog of 2017, this piece covers the most important things to know when it comes to how Millennials bank and how your financial institution can leverage these unique differences to convert them into loyal customers.

4 Strategies to Put the Branch “Back on the Map”

Higher digital adoption for financial services isn’t news, but the data in this blog suggests something different: that today’s account holders do product research online, and then go in-branch to conduct the physical transactions. With growing emphasis on best-in-class branch contact in a digital world, this piece aims to give readers the takeaways to ensure branches remain relevant and useful to account holders.

Three Challenges to Outsourcing Your Contact Center (And How to Tackle Them!)

You may be looking for an external contact center provider for a variety of reasons: to handle spikes in call volume during an online banking or mobile conversion, to handle overflow for regular operating needs, or in the event of a natural disaster, breach or crisis.

Outsourcing, however, doesn’t come without considerations and special challenges. This post aims to help institutions to navigate both.

Millennials are Changing the Language – And the Financial Conversation

Part 1 of 2 in a guest post from our friends at Filene Research!

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