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SAN ANTONIO, December 6, 2022 – Gathering data is not a concern for most financial institutions. Making sense of it is. To solve this challenge, Vericast today announced the debut of its Market Intelligence Platform, a financial industry-first data visualization dashboard that delivers real-time insights to enable smarter marketing decisions and optimize spend.

The first-of-its-kind Market Intelligence Platform leverages multiple data sources, artificial intelligence, and advanced proprietary technology to provide unmatched insights into real-time consumer behavior at the household and neighborhood level.

Insights are fueled by the combination of consumer credit activity, competitor interest rates, marketing channel spend, among other demographic data.  Additionally, Vericast’s proprietary Consumer Graph technology powered by billions of data signals across millions of households provides insights and predictions on consumer intent to purchase. Combining data elements into a single view of the market allows marketers to optimize marketing spend based on their business objectives.

“This new enablement tool opens the door for financial institutions in America to realize their full potential,” said Lisa Nicholas, vice president, Financial Services at Vericast. “With the Vericast Market Intelligence Platform, we drive a focus on measurable impact to conversion and profitability by helping our clients better understand and activate their data to determine the best audiences for marketing and personalized engagement.”

Available now to Vericast financial institution clients, Vericast’s Market Intelligence Platform brings client data to life with a simple and easy to understand view of key indicators such as: 

  • Online and offline consumer behavior of financial products and services
  • Consumer categories searched by markets and how they can personalize the experience
  • Market activity, saturation, and potential 
  • Investment opportunities
  • Competitor penetration and spending

Thousands of financial institutions have relied on Vericast to deliver the intelligence they need to amplify their marketing efforts and ROI for decades. “With the Market Intelligence Platform, for the first-time, financial institutions can focus strategies on market profiles versus a blanketed campaign, see actual results, and invest in locations where there is the greatest impact,” said Nicholas.

“Vericast’s Market Intelligence Platform empowers financial institutions to make data-driven decisions and determine return on investment of valuable marketing dollars,” said Sara Becker, Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing and Communications at First Interstate Bank. “The intuitive, easy-to-understand dashboard provides meaningful insights that are critical to bank marketing in this highly competitive landscape.  The fact it is provided to clients at no cost is just another way Vericast demonstrates its commitment to the financial industry as a whole—by arming banks and credit unions with relevant tools and information to be the best we can be.”

To learn more about the Market Intelligence Platform, visit Vericast.

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