The next level of marketing martech is here

The tides are turning, and a new wave of martech is here. For years, traditional CDPs have offered a glimpse into your customers’ world. But what if you could transform your data into actionable insights to drive more performant customer engagements? That’s exactly what you’ll find in the next level of marketing technology, a customer data marketing platform (CDMP). This powerful evolution seamlessly connects marketing technology and data science with integrated media activation to craft hyper-personalized experiences that resonate. Measure the impact and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts.

NXTDRIVE, the world’s first CDMP, builds upon the core capabilities of a CDP to solve first-party data challenges by offering powerful features and functionalities designed to support data and marketing activation. These features include a focus on audience segmentation and ad targeting, and access to advanced, proprietary data enrichment, data science, omnichannel marketing capabilities and advanced reporting and visualization.


  • Overall customer experience 
  • Data management, sales, service, marketing 
  • First-party data solution 
  • Business intelligence and marketing activation 
  • Retention/acquisition strategy 
  • End-to-end learning platform that improves outcomes over time

Data Type

  • First-party data
  • Non-PII (behavior,
  • Limited third-party data
  • First-party data
  • Award-winning Vericast
    Consumer Graph™
  • Online and offline data
  • Offer redemption
  • Campaign performance


  • Unifies customer data from
    various sources
  • Provides customer insights
    and customer profile
  • Limited marketing activation 
  • Audience building and segmentation
  • Data science and machine learning
  • Omnichannel media activation
  • Enhanced ad targeting across platforms
  • Advanced marketing strategies (personalization, triggered campaigns)
  • Integrated campaign reporting


  • Improved customer understanding and personalized experiences
  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty
  • Data-driven decision making across departments
  • Persistent and consistent view of the customer
  • Performance-based marketing campaigns
  • Increased reach and conversion rates
  • Campaign measurement
    and optimization
  • Consolidated technology stack
  • Business intelligence interface
  • Consultative Customer
    Experience Team


  • May require additional tools formarketing automation
  • May have limitations with large datasets or complex journeys
  • Full stack architecture reduces need for customization
  • Limited selection of platforms

Ideal For

  • Holistic view of customers and improving overall experience
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns and maximizing marketing drive ROI