Now that you know the importance of gaining a comprehensive understanding of your ideal consumer, let’s talk about some of the other data that can influence your ad campaign’s performance.

When data informs your marketing initiatives pre, during and post-campaign, your marketing outreach will come from a smarter place each time – resulting in high-impact marketing investments that drive greater ROI.

Four Factors that Drive Campaign Performance

1. Timing:

This refers to tracking a consumer’s visits to a retailer over a period of time, so you can hit them with your ad message when they’re on their way to the store, when they run out of a product, or at a time when they historically do their shopping. With a better big-picture understanding of each shopper’s path-to-purchase, you can expose them to your message along key touchpoints to inspire conversions.

2. Sequence:

This means delivering a specific sequence of messages to your customer, and evolving your message depending on where that buyer is, what device they’re using and how many times they’ve seen your message. Working with an awareness of where and when each consumer has been exposed to your ad message means you can automatically refine your message depending on your goal – whether it’s to capture their initial interest, inform them about your product, urge them to make a final purchase, or to retarget your existing buyers.

3. Reach:

This one refers to understanding where your big-spending, high-activation consumers are located, who they are, and how to reach them.

4. Frequency:

This means taking into account: a) the time span of your promotion, b) your brand’s recognizability, c) competing ad campaigns, d) how hard your message is to understand, and e) your engagement rate in order to expose customers to your ad message the right amount over a given timespan. This knowledge results in knowing how often you need to invest in getting your ad in front of customers to drive purchase.

Leveraging the right data throughout your marketing campaign can help maximize engagement.

This may be an overwhelming concept for the uninitiated. After all, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. But a comprehensive service provider like Valassis can simplify your marketing campaign and provide your holiday customers with the perfect personalization and promotions they demand… without spending your valuable time on complex back-of-house processes.

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