America’s Most Comprehensive New Mover Direct Mail List
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America’s Most Comprehensive New Mover Direct Mail List

From the compiler of the nation’s most comprehensive database of consumer households, comes a New Movers list that contains up to 30% more new movers than any other major resource. The Valassis new mover mailing list is 5 digit ZIP/Automation ready, thus the file can bypass standard CASS processing which can save mailers time and money as it can be loaded right into your standard presorting process.

Changes of Address Based on Postal Intelligence

The Valassis national database flags each unoccupied home on the file as soon as the address is vacated. We then combine postal updates and our patent-pending data verification procedure to identify the new occupants of those homes. This “Postal Intelligence” enables Valassis to accurately track addresses as they move from an unoccupied to an occupied status. This proprietary methodology is updated weekly and available to our customers on a weekly basis.

Where other new mover resources are solely deed or telecommunications-based, the Valassis New Mover database goes further by incorporating our exclusive Postal Intelligence to identify new residents and new construction records. This ensures that you are accurately targeting actual new movers vs. those who just added or changed a phone line.

Valassis Lists New Movers Sources Include:

  • Postal Intelligence
  • New Construction
  • Telco
  • Deed

Helping to make Valassis Lists New Movers the most comprehensive change of address (COA) file available is our exclusive New Construction component. When merged with other new mover files, our New Construction records are up to 98% unique. These households can account for up to 15% of each Valassis New Mover update.

Valassis New Movers are Highly Selectable

  • Home Ownership – Owner vs. renter
  • Home Income – The estimated (total) household income
  • Home Value – Estimated value of the home in the marketplace
  • Dwelling Status – SFDU & MFDU
  • Age – The age of the head of household
  • Hispanic – Neighborhoods with high density of Hispanic households
  • Contact Name – The name of the head of household*
  • Telephone – The primary phone number for the household*
  • Move Date – Exact date of when the mover was added to the file
  • Move Distance – Number of miles between old and new residence*
  • Call Us for Additional Selects

* where available

With each change of address come new consumer needs. Target more new movers than any other source online or contact us at 1-800-695-0957 to discuss your new mover marketing needs.