• Increasing brand awareness can be a challenge, especially as consumer shopping habits continue to shift.
  • In this post, we’ll share how our client successfully attracted new customers to its brand, driving in-store sales within a highly competitive category in an environment of strong ecommerce growth.

The pandemic led to a significant increase in the adoption of ecommerce as an alternative to in-store shopping trips — so much so that Digital Commerce 360 recently estimated that U.S. ecommerce grew 44% in 2020. In this new world, going into a store even to shop for groceries was relegated to those who welcomed the chance to venture outside of their homes.

Filippo Berio sought to drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores and increase its sales among new users. In a recent podcast, Filippo Berio marketing manager Meghan Boyd and Vericast executive director Kevin Leary shared how they worked together to achieve in-store sales lift objectives via an engaging digital campaign.

Access to the right data to build a successful display advertising campaign and allow for real-time optimization was key to their strategy of targeting high-opportunity markets and retailers. Using intelligence in the Vericast Illumis™ platform, Filippo Berio was able to achieve their goal of getting into more cooks’ kitchens. Learn more in this case study.