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The Future of Retail Advertising: nCountR Revolutionizes In-Store Media and Digital Out of Home Advertising

Vericast’s nCountR technology aims to democratize in-store retail media by offering solutions focused on transparency, depth of screen placement, and cost efficiency, enabling retailers of all sizes to participate effectively.

Headshot of Matthew Tilley, VP of Growth Marketing at Vericast
Unpacking the Contradictory Behavior of Today’s Consumer

Consumer behavior has grown increasingly complex, often displaying contradictory preferences within consumer segments — or even from the same consumer. Matthew Tilley, vice president of Growth Marketing at Vericast, dives into the dichotomy of consumer desires and provides advice for how marketers can effectively respond.

Products on a shelf
Embracing the Physical in Retail: A New Era of Data-Driven Store Experience

At the recent World Retail Congress in Paris, France, Vericast VP Hans Fischmann highlighted the evolution of the retail industry during a panel session titled “The $100 billion revenue boost you just can’t ignore: Next-gen in-store media is here. Don’t let it pass you by,” hosted by WPP.

Financial Institution Social Media Engagement
How Financial Institutions Can Craft Compelling Content on Social Media

In this article, we’ll examine strategies for demystifying digital content creation, and offer actionable insights to help financial institutions navigate the complexities of social media.

Stat: 47% of Gen Xers seek more opportunities to treat themselves or others
Splurge or Save? Unpacking the ‘Fun-Flation’ Phenomenon in Today’s Consumer Market

Despite the squeeze on wallets, there’s a growing trend among consumers to prioritize experiences they truly cherish over traditional big-ticket home purchases like electronics.

2024 Vericast Marketing Outlook Report Cover
What’s in Store for 2024: New Vericast Report Presents 7 Pivotal Marketing Insights

Vericast recently identified seven data-supported insights we believe will shape the marketing industry this year. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Episode 21: What’s working for consumers right now?

Business to Human host Matthew Tilley breaks down current trends across the CPG and grocery sector and how those trends impact both marketers and consumers.

Social Media Strategies for Financial Institutions
Social Media Strategies for Financial Institutions

In this webinar our expert panel shares top-notch strategies for using data and social media to engage customers better up your social media game.

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The Tangible Touch of Savings: The Continued Power of Print and Digital Coupons

Brands looking to differentiate themselves in this fiercely competitive market should not underestimate the power of age-old marketing tools: coupons, deals, and promotions.