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Shared Mail Was Made for Times Like These

Cooperative shared mail was made for times like these. It delivers precisely the benefits both direct mail marketers and consumers need most.

Tire and Auto Services Client Sees Sales Climb by Adding Reach, Frequency
In the midst of the pandemic, this family-owned, regional tire and auto services chain was looking for a cost-efficient way…
Woman and man out shopping holding shopping bags
3 Big Consumer Priorities for 2022

People are shopping for positivity in 2022. Even though expenses are on the rise, they don’t want to give up experiences that delight. In this post, get insight and recommendations to influence consumers’ decision-making.

Woman in store deciding between two products
How Empathetic Marketers Can Win in a Post-COVID World

Now that pandemic-related fears are beginning to wane and lockdowns are beginning to lift, consumers are generally becoming much more optimistic about their health. Yet their wealth remains an altogether different matter.

Seven Reasons Marketers Should Be Super Optimistic Right Now … even if your audience is still a little cautious

All signs indicate the country’s economic engine is roaring back to life. Brighter days really are ahead!

La-Z-Boy Reopens Stores, Drives Sales Efficiently with Omnichannel Strategy
This Denver La-Z-Boy dealer was a long-time Direct Mail Insert client. However, during COVID-19, they needed to pivot quickly. Learn…
The Auto Dealer’s Recipe for Relevance During the COVID-19 Crisis

A pandemic as novel as COVID-19 is accompanied by several unknowns. New information constantly arises, necessitating a continuous sharing of information from experts to the public.

AAA Drives New Member Enrollment with Omnichannel Strategy
AAA® Auto Club Group was looking to drive traffic to their local branches with the goal of enrolling new members,…
Trigger Advertising Based on Environmental Factors
3 Simple Steps for Using Environmental Factors to Improve Marketing Campaigns

When you put the right message in front of the right person at the right time, it has a great impression on consumers and increases the likelihood of a purchase.