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Stat: 47% of Gen Xers seek more opportunities to treat themselves or others
Splurge or save? Unpacking the ‘Fun-flation’ Phenomenon in Today’s Consumer Market

Despite the squeeze on wallets, there’s a growing trend among consumers to prioritize experiences they truly cherish over traditional big-ticket home purchases like electronics.

Phil Rist, Propser Insights & Analytics, Headshot
Unlocking First-Party Data Challenges

In Episode 24 of the Business to Human podcast, Prosper Insights & Analytics’ EVP of Strategy, Phil Rist, breaks down new research on the struggles that marketing executives face in harnessing the power of data and analytics.

Unite Your Data, Elevate Your Impact, and Fall in Love With Marketing Again

Marketers are poised to navigate a landscape marked by the merging of innovative technology and enhanced consumer experiences.

2024 Vericast Marketing Outlook Report Cover
What’s in Store for 2024: New Vericast Report Presents 7 Pivotal Marketing Insights

Vericast recently identified seven data-supported insights we believe will shape the marketing industry this year. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

6 Misconceptions About First-Party Data Strategy
Explore the untold truths about first-party data strategies and discover how leading marketers are breaking barriers. Don’t let misconceptions hold…
Data Science: The Rocket Fuel For Delivering More Performant Marketing
Navigate through time, decode stellar insights, and chart a course for unparalleled success in the data marketing universe. Ready for…
From Data to Dollars: How AI Can Help Marketers
Four Ways AI Helps Today’s Marketer See Better Results

AI is here to stay, and marketers who aren’t onboard yet should get onboard quickly. Because AI has emerged as a game-changer for marketers. Dive into four ways AI is changing marketing.

The Ultimate Guide To CDMP Investment
Q&A Session: Addressing Common Queries on CDMP Selection
In the competitive retail market, investing in a Customer Data Marketing Platform (CDMP) is pivotal for growth-driven companies. One of…
It's not magic. It's media mix modeling.
7 Reasons Marketers Need Media Mix Modeling

Every marketer understands the challenge of meeting the demands of a key executive who insists on precise ROI figures for every dollar invested in media. How can you, as a marketer, demonstrate what’s working right now?