Woman in sunglasses checking her mail and looking at envelope.

A survey of nearly 2,000 consumers conducted for marketing tech company Vericast found that 82% of direct mail readers look at ads at least once a week. More than half (55%) said they pay more attention to direct mail ads, versus the 39% who say they take a closer look at digital ads.

Many consumers said they find mail useful. More than half (53%) look forward to receiving direct mail ads and a similar 54% find perusing such ads enjoyable, with 61% of millennial parents feeling that way. 

The ongoing emotional connection to weekly circulars and other direct meal pieces is a key takeaway from the research. “We frequently talk with grocers, other retailers, restaurants and telecom companies about the concept that that the path from the mailbox to the recycling bin varies by person, but it’s a very powerful path,” Curtis Tingle, chief marketing officer at Vericast, told Progressive Grocer in a recent interview. “That was reaffirmed with this study, which shows that consumers are looking forward to the mail and feel good about it because it is relevant to where they shop and helps make planning decisions.”

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