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2023 TrendWatch Marketing Strategy Presentation Builder
Marketing presentations that effectively communicate your message to customers, prospects, and clients require clear and compelling data, research, and insight….
Why Customer Experience Increasingly Determines Financial Institution Winners and Losers
Research supports the connection between happy customers and profits. A recent study showed that businesses with high customer satisfaction scores…
Engaging Patients in a Changing Healthcare Landscape: Why Omnichannel Marketing is Critical
Two new trends have increased the importance for healthcare organizations to reach new patients and strengthen long-term relationships with existing…
Prioritizing and Building a Strong Brand Identity

Successful brand building and brand development are the primary fuel for powering the overall growth of an organization. But how do you build a brand while still increasing your customer base?

48% of people plan to use their tax refund to pay down debt
Tax Time Turbulence: How Families and FIs Can Manage Tax Refunds

Here are a few examples how FIs can help people make better financial decisions this tax refund season.

Episode 7: Strategies for success in the modern grocery market

Listen to find out how grocers can provide value and understand their customers while facing a pandemic, inflation and customer loyalty issues.

70% od people say they want to cut expenses everywhere possible.
3 Ways Consumers Are Shifting Their Financial Goals

Financial institutions are selling a range of products, services and offers to attract customers. But are their offerings in line with what people expect from their financial institutions? Let’s find out.

Woman crossing the street
2023 Consumer Outlook: Consumers Prepare for the Unexpected

Vericast surveyed consumers to uncover key trends and takeaways concerning their priorities, preferences and plans for 2023.

How Brands Are Overcoming Challenges In Tumultuous Times

People are looking for brands to express understanding, expertise and empathy. Marketers are doing this in a variety of ways. Learn more about what was uncovered.