2024 Vericast Marketing Outlook Report Cover


  • As brands anticipate and adapt to emerging trends, the challenge lies in balancing hype with meaningful engagement.
  • Vericast recently identified seven data-supported insights we believe will shape the marketing industry this year.
  • Here is a preview of what to expect from this new report.

Agility and innovation in a marketing landscape that continues to adapt more rapidly each year can be a struggle for brands. Discerning hype from reality and balancing what matters most to customers with business needs is always top-of-mind.

Based on results from our business survey and consumer survey, Vericast’s latest TrendWatch report, “Navigating 2024: Key Insights and Strategies for Next-Gen Marketing,” provides actionable information to help brands achieve value-driven marketing success.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect from the report:


Streamlined Vendors and Value-Driven Strategies Define Success

There is a growing trend among advertisers to streamline operations and seek more thoughtful partnerships with specialized vendors for better outcomes. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. In an era of rapid market changes and constrained budgets, marketers are opting for smarter collaboration, choosing fewer, specialized vendors to meet complex demands with strategic agility.

82% of advertisers prioritize specialized expertise


Back to Basics: Embracing Fundamental Consumer Trends

In 2024, aligning marketing strategies with consumer expectations regarding value, cultural relevance, and savings will be critical for business growth and customer loyalty.

Marketers vs. Consumers: Discrepancies in Value Perception


Balancing Genuine Engagement With Efficient Productivity

In the complex state of marketing, the question remains: Can technological advances such as artificial intelligence/machine learning elevate marketing effectiveness, or is the human element still the key differentiator? The industry expresses mixed feelings about AI/ML, with 84% acknowledging its productivity benefits, and 46% insisting on the irreplaceable value of human interaction for authenticity.


The Rise of Contextual Commerce

Contextual commerce will prove to be a cornerstone strategy in 2024. This trend suggests an industry-wide demand for more personalized, location-based, and platform-integrated shopping experiences that align closely with consumer activities and preferences. Despite some consumer reservations, particularly with in-store technology, this represents a broader shift toward more targeted and seamless interactions.


Immersive Retail Experiences in the Spotlight

A clear emphasis on immersive, personalized shopping experiences is emerging. While technology paves the way for tailored consumer interactions, retailers must also consider the diverse comfort levels with in-store technology and privacy to successfully engage customers across all demographics.


The Value-Exchange Creativity Challenge

The drive to creatively provide value for consumer insights will be a focal point for marketers in the coming years. As companies fine-tune their strategies to align with consumer expectations, the emphasis is on delivering compelling services and rewards that respect privacy while enhancing the customer experience.


The Hype Machine Goes Into Overdrive

The marketing industry is set to confront an intensified hype cycle, with emerging technologies and trends generating both excitement and anxiety. Marketers are challenged with discerning the real value behind the buzz to effectively leverage these trends for genuine growth and engagement.

For a more immersive experience, explore our marketing outlook for the year, “Navigating 2024: Key Insights and Strategies for Next-Gen Marketing.”

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