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Direct Mail Influence Study Report Webinar
Delving Into Direct Mail Engagement In The Digital Age

Watch this webinar for insight into how today’s consumers perceive direct mail marketing and discover why direct mail could be the tool you need to gain their attention, trust and loyalty.

Direct Mail Influence Study
The Four Ps of Direct Mail
Explore results from our exclusive Direct Mail Influence Study that reveal four key consumer insights that make direct mail an…
Krissie Krenz Photo
Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Direct Mail

Krissie Krenz, director of print products for Vericast shares how marketers can use a variety of direct mail formats to enhance the efficacy of their existing campaigns, achieving win-win results for brands and consumers.

Woman in sunglasses checking her mail and looking at envelope.
Yes, Print Ads Are Still Relevant

In this article from Progressive Grocer, Curtis Tingle, chief marketing officer at Vericast, provides insight from Vericast’s recent Direct Mail Influence Study.

2024 Restaurant TrendWatch

Vericast’s 2024 Restaurant TrendWatch report provides insights on navigating the future of dining with precision and innovation.

Presentation Builder: Evolution to Banking Loyalty

Explore the core insights and trends from Vericast’s 2024 Financial TrendWatch report in presentation format. This visual summary provides a condensed overview of our extensive research and analysis, designed to give banking marketers a clear snapshot of the current financial landscape.

How Do Consumers Respond to Direct Mail in the Digital Age?

We studied consumer behaviors and responses to direct mail through extensive surveys, to inform a comprehensive study that not only explores the distinct qualities of direct mail but also builds on the insightful findings from Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making.

Direct mail effectiveness
Insights From Sending Over 3 Billion Direct Mail Packages
Recent studies indicate direct mail makes a deeper emotional impression and is more likely to inspire action than digital media. What’s more,…
Why are circulars a big deal
Why Circulars Are Still a Big Deal

Print circulars remain a vital tool in retail marketing. Discover why consumers still value these ads and how retailers can effectively use them.