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Shared Mail Was Made for Times Like These

Cooperative shared mail was made for times like these. It delivers precisely the benefits both direct mail marketers and consumers need most.

Are You Capturing the Full Value of Exciting Coupon Innovation?

New-to-the-scene coupon innovation, like universal digital coupons, known also as digital manufacturers’ coupons, provide consumers the ability to increase their saving options, making it vital for retailers and brands to engage settlement solution providers that can handle everything, from soup to nuts.

The Changing Face of Coupons

In this video, find out what you need to do now to leverage coupon innovation to create value, improve competitiveness and increase consumer satisfaction.

2022 Mid-Year Coupon Facts: Infographic
Coupons remain a great way to lure potential new customers — and keep current customers — making now an ideal…
A Marketing Movement: Direct Mail Is on a Hot Streak

Savvy brands are casting direct mail in a key role in their marketing arsenals.

The Science Behind Direct Mail: Why It Matters and How to Use It

Direct mail is an indispensable part of the marketing mix, suited to grabbing attention and delivering a message quickly.

woman reading mail by her front door
The Direct Mail Momentum: How To Ride the Current Momentum of Direct Mail and Measure Your Success

In this article, learn how you can build a campaign that harnesses this direct mail moment and measure its success.

Hand removing mail from mailbox
Direct Mail Is Having a Moment — Seize It

With consumers stuck at home and paying more attention to what comes in the mail, it makes perfect sense to prioritize direct mail in your marketing mix.

Make the Most of Direct Mail Marketing — Now and in the Future

Advertisers ultilize multiple media to best reach and engage their valuable customers, yet, increased interest in direct mail presents a key opportunity for marketers — read on and get tips for campaign success.