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Social Media Strategies for Financial Institutions
Social Media Strategies for Financial Institutions

n this webinar our expert panel shares top-notch strategies for using data and social media to engage customers better up your social media game.

Amplify Performance Metrics Through First-Party Data Strategies

The mastery of first-party data isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. Complement it with third-party insights, create memorable experiences, and always prioritize compliance.

TrendWatch Series CPG and Grocery TrendWatch cover image
The Tangible Touch of Savings: The Continued Power of Print and Digital Coupons

Brands looking to differentiate themselves in this fiercely competitive market should not underestimate the power of age-old marketing tools: coupons, deals, and promotions.

Adweek Webinar
Winning the Shopper Journey: From Choice to Checkout
In today’s fast-evolving consumer landscape, understanding and adapting to shopper behavior is crucial. Dive into this exclusive webinar for fresh…
Direct mail effectiveness
Insights From Sending Over 3 Billion Direct Mail Packages
Recent studies indicate direct mail makes a deeper emotional impression and is more likely to inspire action than digital media. What’s more,…
Navigating the MarTech Maze
How Marketing Technology Made Marketing More Complicated

The evolution of MarTech has ushered in a dynamic marketing landscape. It has also brought about substantial complexity and intricate challenges. While the challenges may be formidable, they also underscore abundant opportunities.

Checklist: Why Choosing the Right Software Partner Is Essential for Business
Searching for the ideal Customer Data Marketing Platform (CDMP)? The right choice can boost your marketing, optimize ROI, and elevate…
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Navigating First-Party Data, Privacy, and Consumer Trust

In today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, many professionals grapple with identity interoperability and the ethical gathering of personally identifiable information (PII). In this enlightening Business to Human podcast, we delve into the critical role of trust in data sharing.

Cultivating Customer Connections Through Digital Advertising
In today’s dynamic economic landscape, the pursuit of market share has never been more crucial, yet it presents challenges that…