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Optimizing Visibility: CTV Drives Sales for Eye Care Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company specializing in eye care wanted to drive awareness of a new over-the-counter (OTC) eye care product at several hundred locations of a major big box retailer.

Keys to Effective Marketing in 2024

IN 2024
Marketers are poised to navigate a landscape marked by the merging of innovative technology and enhanced consumer experiences.

Stat: 47% of Gen Xers seek more opportunities to treat themselves or others
Splurge or save? Unpacking the ‘Fun-flation’ Phenomenon in Today’s Consumer Market

Despite the squeeze on wallets, there’s a growing trend among consumers to prioritize experiences they truly cherish over traditional big-ticket home purchases like electronics.

Navigating Acquisition Marketing
Navigating the Financial Services Landscape: Strategies for Customer Growth, Deposits & Retention

The challenge of securing deposits while grappling with shrinking marketing budgets is omnipresent. Financial institutions are on a continuous quest for smarter approaches to household acquisition. Learn more.

Attrition to Acquisition: The Evolution of Banking Loyalty

Highly anticipated financial services industry trends have arrived — crucial, concise, and ready to explore. Vericast’s 2024 Financial TrendWatch report draws on comprehensive data to provide banking marketers with a complete view of the current landscape.

Headshots of speakers from the Business to Human Podcast, Episode 23.
Marketing for Financial Institutions in an Uncertain Economy

In this roundtable, Vericast teammates discuss how to navigate upcoming challenges and what your organization (and marketing team) can do to come out on top.

Unite Your Data, Elevate Your Impact, and Fall in Love With Marketing Again

Marketers are poised to navigate a landscape marked by the merging of innovative technology and enhanced consumer experiences.

Episode 25: Mastering First-Party Data for Marketing Success

If knowledge is power, then data is the ultimate tool when it comes to maximizing a marketing strategy. Host Matthew Tilley and expert guests discuss ways to use 1st party data to enhance and advance a marketing strategy.

Valuable Consumer Insight for Planning Your Next Deposit and Acquisition Campaign

Don’t plan your next deposit and acquisition campaign without considering this important insight.