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For Love of Marketing

We’ve leveraged decades of experience and our vast knowledge of the consumer to build a MarTech solution that combines the power of a customer data platform with marketing functionality.

How Not to Suck at Next-Gen Marketing

Watch our webinar on demand, where we uncover the latest insights on customer acquisition trends for 2024. Learn how to navigate the rapidly changing financial landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

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Ethical Marketing in Action: Vericast’s Approach to Data and Privacy

Tech columnist and podcaster Neil C. Hughes sits down with Hans Fischmann from Vericast to explore the evolving world of data privacy and ethical marketing.

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Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Direct Mail

Krissie Krenz, director of print products for Vericast shares how marketers can use a variety of direct mail formats to enhance the efficacy of their existing campaigns, achieving win-win results for brands and consumers.

Feeding Restaurant Success: 5 Marketing Challenges & The Digital Tools That Fix Them

This playbook covers five of the most common challenges restaurants must conquer when engaging with today’s target consumer. It’s a step-by-step guide that offers effective digital marketing solutions to help restaurant marketers.

Restuarnt Marketing Challenges
From Device to Table: Cracking Your Restaurant’s Marketing Challenges

Restaurant operators are facing a dynamic market, with 55% of consumers dining out as much or more than before the pandemic.1 But competition is fierce, requiring a focused approach to drive traffic and secure your spot as a diner’s top choice.

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Yes, Print Ads Are Still Relevant

In this article from Progressive Grocer, Curtis Tingle, chief marketing officer at Vericast, provides insight from Vericast’s recent Direct Mail Influence Study.

2024 Restaurant TrendWatch

Vericast’s 2024 Restaurant TrendWatch report provides insights on navigating the future of dining with precision and innovation.

Stat: 47% of Gen Xers seek more opportunities to treat themselves or others
Splurge or Save? Unpacking the ‘Fun-flation’ Phenomenon in Today’s Consumer Market

Despite the squeeze on wallets, there’s a growing trend among consumers to prioritize experiences they truly cherish over traditional big-ticket home purchases like electronics.