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Episode 21: What’s working for consumers right now?

Business to Human host Matthew Tilley breaks down current trends across the CPG and grocery sector and how those trends impact both marketers and consumers.

Episode 13: How to Gain Traction with Simple Marketing

Listen as Taran Sodhi of Conceptual Minds talks about how he advises auto repair shops to take advantage of a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Episode 11: 2023 Consumer Insights w/Dipanjan Chatterjee

Listen as Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, talks about marketing strategies to reach and keep customers in the current environment.

Navigating the Challenges of the Grocery Industry

Providing value and understanding your customers are the main objectives of any organization in the grocery store industry. But how can grocers continue to do this while facing inflation and customer loyalty challenges?

Episode 7: Strategies For Success in the Modern Grocery Market

Listen to find out how grocers can provide value and understand their customers while facing a pandemic, inflation and customer loyalty issues.

David Raab, Founder and CEO of the CDP Institute
Episode 2: The Value Behind Customer Data Platforms

Listen to learn about the definition and application of a customer data platform for marketing programs.

Woman at checkout in grocery store
“Queenpins”: How a Blockbuster Comedy Can Show Us the Way to a More Serious Approach to Coupon Fraud

It’s not often that coupons get the attention of Hollywood. But, that’s exactly what has happened with the new blockbuster, “Queenpins.”