When it comes to consumer behavior, there are some unexpected trends that have accelerated thanks to COVID-19 and a fluctuating economy that will likely remain long after we put our masks away for good.

And what are those trends? They’re intriguing, 10,000-foot perspectives that we’ve spent months gathering and fine-tuning. They represent the foundation of our upcoming “Consumer Intel Report,” and we want to provide a behind-the-scenes look at some of the biggest “ahas” — right now.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our 2020 Report’s big findings:

  • Online is (still) an under-utilized asset. Social distancing has driven many shopping experiences online, but brands are not yet on pace with their needs or expectations. Brands would be well served to examine their consumer journey and online user experience to simplify the discovery of both products and discounts and make the transaction experience more seamless.
  • Deals after the transaction matter, too. Value is an advocacy-building resource that can’t be denied. In particular, young consumers are post-purchase deal-savvy and feel empowered to tell anyone willing to listen about it. Gen Z and millennials, in fact, are more likely to scan receipts for post-purchase rewards and use a product review to share how much money a product saved them.
  • A brand’s values mean as much as its value. Consumers want to know which social and cultural causes their preferred brands stand for — now more than ever. When companies share the causes and issues that they’re passionate about, they humanize themselves to buyers and immediately acquire more trust with them.

Later this month, we’ll be publishing the full “Consumer Intel Report,” our annual study formerly known as the Coupon Intelligence Report. This in-depth report is full of provocative findings like these regarding the modern American consumer, their shopping and saving behaviors, and their expectations of brands.

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