The way a consumer navigates his or her individual purchases rarely mimics anyone else’s. While one person may be inspired to purchase based on an email marketing campaign from a favorite retailer, another person may be influenced to buy simply because a favorite influencer shared a post via social media.

The fact is, people don’t navigate their purchase journeys like they used to. Therefore, brands and retailers can’t market like they used to, either.

And with the holidays upon us, modern marketers are being challenged on their ability to understand, reach and convert this omnichannel consumer.

Perfecting the omnichannel approach, and motivating consumers to shop during the holidays, all starts with using the right data to inform your ad campaign. This means getting real answers to pressing questions such as:

  • Where are my consumers located?
  • What holiday shopping behaviors do my consumers share?
  • What does my consumer’s day-to-day life look like?
  • What platforms do consumers use to research holiday purchases?
  • Where and when should I target consumers with advertising to convert them?

But the job isn’t done. You need to derive deep insights from powerful data and develop an activation plan that engages your target audience when and where it matters.

The better you can effectively access data and leverage insights, the more effective your holiday marketing efforts will be.

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