Once you understand more about your consumers, you will be more likely to reach them where they live and work.

Some of the most common methods of marketing that are probably on your holiday campaign list might include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Coupons, both print and digital
  • Dynamic Mobile Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Free-standing Inserts
  • Mobile Display Advertising
  • Chatbots
  • Apps
  • Search Engine Marketing

Before you get overwhelmed, just remember you don’t need to use absolutely every channel in your holiday campaign. Instead, if you can access and leverage the great data that’s available, you should be able to identify which combination of platforms and tactics would work the best to activate your unique target audience.

Mix it up In-Store

However, if your products are at a brick and mortar store, the in-store experience is as — if not more — important to connecting and converting your consumers. Three key ways to leverage the in-store experience for your marketing campaign include:

  1. Advertise. Ensure your brand is “front-and-center” throughout the store: on holiday cart billboards near the shelf, on shopping baskets as they shop, and on security stanchions as they enter and leave. Make sure they see your product and become aware of it, especially if they weren’t before they came to the store.
  2. Mesmerize. As they enter the aisle or department where your brand is located, be sure they are reminded of your brand and are given more details and features through shelf talkers and point-of-purchase displays. If they’re in the market for your category of product, make sure you’re on the shopping list.
  3. Incentivize. Incorporate product trials and interactions through tear-off coupons and pop-up leaflet dispensers with brand information placed throughout the store. Give them a reason to go from consideration to purchase before they leave.

Most consumers make in-store purchases based on the discounts and coupons are available at the time. So, consider using these tactics too, as they could very well be what sways them towards purchasing your brand as they walk throughout the store.

Connect the dots

Just as you shouldn’t only advertise outside of the store, your marketing efforts shouldn’t end when a potential buyer walks out the door. To create a more effective in-store holiday marketing campaign, you need to continue targeting your in-store customers well after they leave the store through digital marketing to keep your brand fresh in consumers’ minds when it comes time to actually make a purchase. You may also use mobile activation, email marketing, and print marketing, but which of these methods you use, and how you use them, will depend on customer data.

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