Get ready for a mid-year update like no other as we revisit our bold predictions for the ever-evolving landscape of marketing. With insights drawn from fresh survey data and a candid reflection on our previous forecasts, this piece will help you navigate the challenging terrain ahead. Discover how brands have been wrestling with inflation, supply chain woes, and the shapeshifting loyalty of consumers in these turbulent times.

This white paper features:

  • A review of our 14 bold predictions from last year, we analyze our accuracy, acknowledge our shortcomings, and explore the undecided outcomes.
  • How brands tackle cost increases and supply chain disruptions, and their impact on consumer loyalty and brand engagement.
  • Valuable market insights from the latest consumer and advertiser survey data, providing a comprehensive perspective on the current market landscape.
  • Information to prepare your brand for the future of marketing with strategies and adjustments to thrive in an unpredictable landscape.

Boost your brand with our mid-year review, offering insights for effective customer-focused marketing.

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