Nearly Half of Consumers Are More Likely to Read and/or Use Direct mail Ads Addressed by Name

Boost Response Rates and Engagement With Dynamic Postcards — Create Personal Connections Without Blowing Up Your Budget

Postcards have often been misunderstood by marketers as unsophisticated, impersonal, inefficient, and not cost-effective. However, the emergence of marketing technology has significantly improved the personalization and targeting capabilities of postcards. With the use of data analytics, marketers have discovered that postcards can be a versatile, highly strategic, and cost-effective tool for engaging consumers with more personalized, targeted, and dynamic campaigns.

The Power of Personalization

For instance, technology has made it possible to personalize postcards with the recipient’s name, location, and other relevant details that make the interaction more engaging and memorable for consumers. Our research shows the power of personalization is growing — and it matters.

Nearly Half of Consumers Are More Likely to Read and/or Use Direct Mail Ads Addressed by Name1

As the world moves toward a more personalized marketing experience, marketers need to find new ways to reach consumers. Personalized messages make consumers feel like the ads were written just for them. Basic personalization that includes a person’s name is great — but why stop there? How about including some information about who they are and where they live? Tailoring messages to include friendly family greetings and referencing previous purchases is inexpensive and can go a long way toward making consumers feel recognized, appreciated, and part of the community … and your brand.

Feel the Difference

Check out how our Dynamic Postcards use predictive intelligence to deliver relevant messaging to target audiences with precision. You can even vary creative by household and segment messages for both retention and acquisition, all in a single mailing.

Overall, revolutionary technology has made personalizing postcards more affordable than ever, allowing marketers to deliver targeted, personalized messages without breaking their budget. Dynamic postcards are a fraction of the cost of solo mail as they arrive in the mailbox alongside the direct mail package — but as a standalone postcard. They share the cost of postage and offer significant savings without compromising impact.

Watch a short video on how it works.

The Route to Success

Postcard personalization can be more than collecting a consumer’s name and address. By tapping further into consumer data, marketers get a more comprehensive view of each consumer’s surroundings and lifestyle and uncover a path to deeper experiences — right down to the neighborhood level.

All postal routes are not equal. Some are more promising than others with a higher concentration of a business’s ideal customers. The use of carrier route marketing enables marketers to focus on specific neighborhoods based on important factors like demographics, income, and consumer behavior. This ability provides marketers with a powerful targeting tool for increasing response, while minimizing waste, and maximizing marketing budget.

57% More Likely To Respond To Direct Mail Ads Relevant To Them2

The Intersection of Personalization and Affordability

There’s no arguing that personalization is a prime driver of marketing success right now — and that personalized postcards get noticed. The numbers simply support that. It’s no wonder that postcards are making a resurgence among marketers, producing a higher return on investment and reducing the cost of retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones — thanks to new data tools and technology that enable powerful, cost-efficient personalization and segmentation.

You don’t have to spend more to get more:

  • Hyper personalized postcards
  • Targeting of specific postal carrier routes, neighborhoods, or ZIP Codes
  • High-value neighborhood reach to over 90 million households nationwide
  • Seamless omnichannel integration

See how Vericast’s Dynamic Postcard solution delivers high-impact postcards at an affordable price.

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