Four marketers share their data insights


  • Building an effective marketing team in mid-market retail companies requires data-driven strategies and efficient team structures to overcome common challenges.
  • Top industry leaders highlight the crucial role of team coordination, goal setting, stakeholder involvement, and data management in driving business growth and campaign success.
  • Vericast stands out as a trusted ally in tackling marketing challenges, providing expertise in data management, team structuring, and consumer data science integration.

Every company, regardless of size, faces challenges when attempting to create an effective marketing team. This can be especially true for mid-market retail companies whose marketing teams wear many hats.

From campaign ROI to market research, to website and social metrics, data is crucial to maintain a pulse point on your brand and drive growth. However, many brands run into problems, especially when it comes to teams, data management, and measurement. Moreover, inefficiencies caused by multiple systems and complicated workflows can strain a small team.

The insights drawn from Vericast’s Business to Human Podcast interviews with marketing thought leaders from various industries shed light on these issues and provide helpful pointers on how to approach them effectively.

Building a Data-Driven Organization

Establishing a data-centric organization involves setting clear objectives and metrics, gathering and structuring relevant information, conducting insightful analysis and interpretations, representing information visually, fostering a culture where employees leverage information for decision-making, utilizing insights to enhance processes, and continuously evaluating and enhancing performance.

We sought the opinions of marketing experts on an important part of this process: building a data-driven marketing team. This involves hiring the right people, setting clear goals, investing in data infrastructure, creating a culture of experimentation, and analyzing and optimizing strategies based on collected data.

Jennifer D’Amico, CMO of Commonwealth Central Credit Union, How Data Can Create a Better Customer Experience

Radhika Duggal, CMO of Super
, Cultivating Customer-Focused Teams Through Marketing

Leslie DiStefano of Samaritan Medical Center, The Toolkit of a Healthcare Marketer

Sarah Berg, VP of Marketing at Matic, Prioritizing and Developing a Brand

We listened to what these marketers were telling us about the team constraints within mid-sized brands. Vericast stands as a guide and ally in the face of these challenges. With our comprehensive understanding of the modern marketer’s environment, we can help you navigate the challenge of balancing data and resources. We provide data management solutions, offer advice on team structure, and can assist with the integration of marketing and data science.

We understand that marketing is not merely about promotion or brand awareness. It’s a complex, data-driven machine that requires a well-coordinated team, robust data management, and impactful strategies to drive growth. Let Vericast be your partner in this journey, leveraging our advanced Customer Data Marketing Platform technology, expertise, and unique insights into market trends to help your team shine.

At Vericast, we are ready to assist you in making your marketing team the best it can be. Because when marketing succeeds, your entire organization thrives.

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